Have you dreamt about organizing the Singapore Film Festival? Fantasized about getting on the music festive like Glastonbury? Or tried thinking how you’d go about arranging the events such as the launch of a next PlayStation console? Hmmm, you thought so! If you are going to be one of the best event organizers in singapore.

Do you regularly think about the individuals that go on to decide on what shade ofred is to be used for a carpet at the Oscars? Wee, do you wonder who’s responsible for organizing the yearly Clothes Show somewhere in Birmingham? Or do you spare the thought for a people that go on to put the business conferences alongside the technology fairs that introduce the world to the latest gadgets and gizmos? Well then, you are perchance thinking about becoming an event organizer!

Who are Event organizers?

The event organizers are the individuals that go on to organize and plan events of numerous kinds, right from the industry exhibitions, business seminars, academic conferences, and career fairs, to the product launches, film festivals, gigs, fashion shows, and a charity fundraising event.

Primarily they are employed by the events management firms, event organizers tend to function with the range of clients all over the public and private sector, third sector. However, a few of the event organizers may go on to work in-house for large multinational corporations, while others go on to work on a freelance basis.

Budding Event Organizers In Singapore

Salary & Advantages

Annual salaries for an event organizer in the early stages of the careers range anywhere between 17,000 euros to 27,000, euros, whilst event organizers with a little experience and a handful of the client accounts may earn between 28,000 euros and 45,000 per annum.

The Working Hours

The working hours are extremely dependent upon the kind of events that an event organizer handles. Just about a week before the event is normally hectic and you will be needed to work long and anti-social hours on a daily basis.

Training &The Valuable Progression

Training is mostly comprised of, working under the supervision of the senior colleagues, work shadowing, in-house workshops alongside an external training seminar.

Competition within the event management industry is fierce and your attitude, commitment, and on-the-job performance are the key differentiation between the people selected for promotion and the people left behind.

A few of the valuable tips to be a successful event organizer

  • Learn to control your time to avoid stressful and hectic situations.
  • Coordinate and schedule with the delegates in order to deliver within the needed time-frame.
  • Come alongside new ideas and implement them.

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide will serve the purpose to throw a light on an event organizer.

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