Everyone becomes excited when they hear about photos. For them, it is the best memorabilia that they can have. A photo will be the perfect storyteller of what had happened during the event. It can show the whole environment, happiness, and how the event is successful. Also, everyone loves to take a selfie. For them, they can be like a professional photographer as long as they have high-quality cameras. Of course, taking pictures can be a hobby yet can be a career, if you take it seriously. Everyone loves to take a picture, especially capturing the happy moments of their lives. 

What is photography?

A lot of people would say that photography means memorabilia. It is another expression of art in the form of capturing images and recording videos. It is quite a simple job that can be a hobby. But, the mere fact about photography is about storytelling. By capturing moments and recording videos, it will serve as the mouth to tell what is happening. If you are interested to learn photography, why not learn the basics? It could be a big help to you as a newbie.


The basics

There are several photography tips for beginners to learn and understand the basics. With all these basics, although you are a newbie, you would feel and take the chances to be like a pro photographer this time. Once you apply these basics, mind it! You will realize that there is a talent in you to become a professional photographer someday. Here are the two basic essential tips for photography beginners:

  • Hold the camera properly. As a beginner, understanding how to hold the camera correctly is essential. Some of the new photographers don’t hold their cameras properly. Once it happened, it would cause the camera to take blurry images. Tripods may be a big help to avoid the camera to shake, but not all the time. In situations wherein the tripod is not applicable, then any unnecessary movement can be prevented once the camera is help correctly. Hold the camera in both hands. Use your right hand to grip the camera’s right side and the left hand should beneath the lens. In this way, it can support the weight. Adopt a wider stance if you need extra stability.
  • Shooting in RAW. RAW is a file format capturing all the image data. By shooting in RAW, you will get higher quality images and have control in post-processing. With this, you can correct possible problems, such as under or overexposure. It would be easy for you to adjust the contrast, white balance, and color temperature. Shooting in RAW gives you the chance to transform the quality of the images.

If you are a new photographer, the two basics can be a big help for you to improve.

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