Each of us has our own preference when it comes to movie genres that can entertain us. There are so many movie genres to consider, but let us go ahead and take a look which of these are still continuing to be the most popular ones or movie enthusiasts. People’s choice when it comes to movies has changed over time.

If you visit online streaming sites like https://putlocker.actor/, you will find plenty of options when it comes to movies. So which are the ones that are popular these days? let’s go ahead and find out.

Action. These films have always been a fan favorite even though sometimes the big films seem to be running out of ideas. The good thing is that the small productions nowadays are giving this movie genre a try. Because of this, fresh ideas come up and we see more and more action movies still becoming blockbuster hits.

Adventure. The box office numbers reveal that the movies from this genre ranked as the highest in sales from 1995 up to 2015. Thanks to modern technology adventure movies are becoming more and more interesting. People are patiently waiting for the release of new adventure movies not only in the cinemas but also for them to be available on different online streaming sites.


Comedy. Nobody will ever get tired of watching comedy movies. When you want to give yourself a break from all the drama of this world, then you should be able to find an escape with the movies. These movies will always know how to find a way to make us laugh no matter how grumpy you are.

Drama. Just like comedy movies, drama or tearjerkers will always be an excellent way for viewers to escape from their stressful lives. Sometimes, it is good to cry over something that is purely fictional from time to time. Some people feel a lot better after watching drama movies even though they are going through so much pain and suffering, and no matter how twisted that idea is.

Fantasy. These movies have a way to get the same experience after watching a science fiction film. In fact, they attract a food number of viewers of all ages. There are cases where these movies are made to be family-friendly to allow more people to enjoy these masterpieces.


Horror. This genre is another top-grosser. There’s a lot of people who really enjoy watching movies that keeps them at the edge of their seats. The experience is even more enjoyable especially when watched with a large group of people.


Kids Animation. This will always be the number one favorite in the family, especially when you have younger kids. This is the reason why more and more animated and children’s movies are so popular with so many families.


Romantic Comedy (RomCom). These movies might seem cheesy and cringy at times, but these are really great choices when you have a bunch of girlfriends coming over for a movie marathon. Most men will not usually get entertained with this genre, but women will surely appreciate a good RomCom movie.


There are still other movie genres to choose from but the ones mentioned above are the most popular among this list. So on your next movie marathon, you already know which of these are very popular and which are the top-grosser.

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