We can no longer distance ourselves from photography. In this time when Instagram, selfie, Facebook, and groupies are popular, couples simply can’t have a wedding ceremony without photography and videography. One more element is added, the wedding photo booth.

Photo booths are a fun way for you to take pictures of your friends and guests during your wedding. It adds more fun into your wedding when you set up a wedding photobooth in your ceremony. Celebrities have been doing so in their own weddings like Kim and Kanye. So if you are getting married in Singapore, make sure you have a wedding photobooth in Singapore set up.

There are many reasons for couple to set up a photobooth for their wedding. Here are the most prominent ones:

They provide great entertainment

One of the primary reasons for having a photobooth is to keep the guests entertained. You have to keep in mind that weddings have down times. This means you have to find ways to perk up the guests or to keep them entertained during these times. One of these lull moments is right after the church ceremony when the picture taking starts. The guests can have fun in the photo booth while waiting for the newlyweds to arrive and for the reception to start.

Wedding Photobooth

They help you make great memories

With a photobooth, you can make many copies of the photo and give it to your friends as a token. You may also give one to the wedded couple. There are also photobooth companies that can make a guestbook from the photos that are taken at the booth. This would make a great keepsake for the couple. After their big day, the couple may look back to all the photos from photobooths and relish on how the guests had fun during your wedding.

They are fun and not age-bound

Everyone can enjoy in a photobooth regardless of how old they are. This makes it a great addition to the wedding reception. It can also offer fun and entertainment anytime of the day and can last the whole day.

There are many ideas you can use in creating a DIY photobooth. You can up the ante by adding more personalized props into the booth. One example of this is the wall. This is a great feature that can be added to any wedding. This booth may be created to go with the theme and motif or theme.  For this, you only have to add a few sheets of plywood, a brace, and a small frame.

You may also have picture frames as photobooths. This means that guests can get behind the wall and put their faces in the frames for the photos to be taken. All you have to do is to hang frames around the holes and then either put a wallpaper or paint it.

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